Rediscovered #5 - Filmation's Ghostbusters

The 5th episode of Rediscovered covers the 1986 animated television series "Ghostbusters" by Filmation.

Jason and Wyatt are back for another episode of "Rediscovered," a podcast reviewing obscure TV, moves, and cartoons from the '80s. The 5th episode covers the 1986 animated television series "Ghostbusters" by Filmation. While it ran for 65 episodes in syndication, it's still overshadowed in the world of the Ghostbusters film franchise and "The Real Ghostbusters" animated series. It's one that we had not seen since it's initial run so we decided to watch the original 5-episode miniseries that tells the origin story.

Our podcast goes in depth on the show include its broadcast history, home video release, voice cast, and merchandise. We'll break down the 5 episodes and give you our opinions, good and bad, on the characters, story and overall reaction during our watch experience.
We also welcome your comments on Ghostbusters and any suggestions for TV shows, movies, or cartoons for us to review in the future.

Leave a comment to our show notes at or watch our podcast recording session on the RD80s YouTube channel!

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