Rediscovered 1 - The Highwayman

In the first episodes of the new show "Rediscovered", Jason and Wyatt cover the short-lived 1987-88 TV movie and series The Highwayman.

A new podcast series is making its debut on the Rediscover the 80s Podcast feed! The new show is titled "Rediscovered" (imagine that!) and will feature reviews of not-so-popular '80s TV shows, movies, and animation. Jason and Wyatt will be rewatching these obscurities either for the first time or reliving since their original run.

Our first episode covers the short-lived 1987-88 TV movie and series The Highwayman. It was created by Glen A. Larson of hit shows like Knight Rider and Battlestar Gallactica yet only managed to produce a TV movie and 9 episodes. We vaguely remember watching the show in its initial run yet the transforming vehicles have remained memorable over the years.

We invite you to rewatch and also give us your feedback either on our show notes at or our recording session video on the RD80s YouTube channel.

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