Rank 'Em - 1988 TV Shows

Jason welcomes "The Retro Rambler" Mickey Yarber to rank our favorite TV shows that were released in 1988.

Jason welcomes "The Retro Rambler" Mickey Yarber from RetroRamblings.com to the show to rank our favorite TV shows that were released in 1988. We begin with some context by running down the top 10 rated shows from the Fall 1988 - Spring 1989 and then some moments in TV history. Then we dive into our Top 5 lists which include sitcoms, game shows, dramas, and reality TV each of which are preempted by their original theme songs! We then end the show by going through the 1988 TV Guide Fall Preview issue.

Leave your feedback and your own Top 5 lists by finding our show notes at Rediscoverthe80s.com, message us on social media or on the RD80s YouTube channel where you can watch our podcast recording.

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